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        Free Webinars for Centrifuge & Vacuum Drying Technologies

        Afbeelding: Training1

        Filtration and Drying are two of the more common processes in many Chemical and Pharmaceutical production operations. With many different slurry types and levels of potency, from small Kilo-Lab to Pilot Plant and Production size operations, understanding the fundamentals of filtration, centrifugation and vacuum drying has never been more important to having a successful and safe operation. These 30-45 minute webinars cover the following topics of interest:

        ? Centrifuge Technology: Basics and applications of filtering and sedimenting machines, vertical vs. horizontal centrifuges.

        ? Vacuum Drying Technologies: Basics and applications of Vacuum drying equipment.

        Call or email today to receive a link to these FREE Webinars.

        Phone: 1-856-467-3399
        Email: info@heinkelusa.com