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        COMBER, founded in 1960, is a leading Italian supplier of (nutsche) filters, filter dryers, paddle dryers and pan dryers in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

        The machines are used for:
        -    Discontinuous solid/liquid separation
        -    Efficient cake washing, including reslurrying
        -    Vacuum drying of the product whereby all processes are performed in one machine.

        Comber Process Technology is also in possession of the logo and the know-how (drawings, calculations, files) of the company C.M.R. – Industry S.r.l., also active in the manufacturing and selling of dryers, filters, reactors, tank and components for pharmaceutical, chemical (even high-tech), petrochemical, food and ecology industry.
        Therefor Comber Process Technology can now offer to C.M.R.’s customers a complete After Sales Service such as spare parts, assistance and revamping of the machines.

        COMBER has joined the HEINKEL DRYING AND SEPARATION GROUP in 2010.